Making Whiskey


Those who have tried our 100% Rye, 100-Proof 'Wild Buck Whiskey" say it's the "Attention to Detail" which sets our WHISKEY apart!

Grinding Grain

Once our local farm grown rye grain is perfectly matured, we then grind the grain daily for each batch creating the foundation for our great tasting rye whiskey.  

Mashing and Fermenting

In the Mashing process, we use high temperatures and harvested rainwater to convert the grain starches into sugars. Special yeast is added and allowed to ferment for several days to consume the sugars and create alcohol. Once completed we feed our diluted mash  to our livestock.

First Distillation

The first distillation (low wines run) takes approximately 12 hours. 

Second Distillation

Second, we have the Spirits run where our low wines are pot distilled slowly 16 hours to produce the high proof rye whiskey - That's when precise head to hearts to tail cuts are made. 


Next,  we barrel and age only the hearts at 100 proof in custom made new charred American Oak barrels. Then, using a variety of barrel sizes we create the ultimate flavor profile of toasted oak, vanilla and spice. 


We brand and date the barrels while continually rotating them for an even finish. 




Finally, we hand label and cork one bottle at a time, giving each bottle its own personal finish.

Entire Barrels Of Product Are Available For Purchase.